T4T Capital Review

In this T4T Capital review we will outline everything you need to know in order to purchase a funded trading account from this prop firm. T4TCapital is a sister website of Traders4Traders which was established in 2009. The newer T4TCapital website offers funded trading accounts to complement the Forex education from Traders4Traders. It was established in December 2019 in Dublin where the company is still registered. You can pass a practical assessment choosing from a range of different account sizes and become a funded trader.

T4T Capital Review


  • Up to $2,000,000 in capital
  • Education and training for traders
  • No minimum or maximum trading day limit


  • No Cryptocurrency to trade
  • Complicated profit split options
  • Small amount of drawdown

How does This prop Firm Work?

T4T Capital offers traders the chance to trade with a funded trading account to the maximum of $1,000,000. They advertise their process as a 3 step structure going from a practical assessment, trading your live account and ultimately scaling to $1,000,000. The practical assessment consists of a one phase, one time fee for a demo evaluation with clear and simple rules. You must adhere to their rules in order to pass, which include a 10% profit target and a 2% daily and 4% total drawdown. The drawdown percentages are pretty low as a rule in comparison to other prop firms. They have no time limits for their assessments which is a great offer for traders as it allows them to trade without pressure.

Once you have passed their assessment you are able to move on to a funded account. Here you can trade with the company earning your profit split, which varies depending on the account level you chose/are scaled to. You need to have traded with the company for 3 months, but once you have achieved this target, you can scale your account when you make 10% of profit.

How much Capital do they provide and what are their prices?

T4T Capital offers traders funding up to $1,000,000. They have seven different account sizes you can purchase an assessment of to become a funded trader. These accounts start from a smaller amount of $25,000 and reach $1,000,000 as a purchasable assessment. Their accounts and pricing are as follows:


$25,000 account for $125

$50,000 account for $250

$100,000 account for $350

$250,000 account for $1,250

$500,000 account for $2,500

$750,000 account for $3,750

$1,000,000 account for $5,000

All payments are a one off fee, have no monthly subscription cost and each account has a reset fee listed on the website. It is also worth noting that they offer a 15% and 20% discount for students and American Veteran traders.

Are They legit?

T4T Capital is the sister company of Traders4Traders, and is founded by Brad Gilbert who has been in the industry for over 25 years. We would say the company is legit based on their longevity in the business. They have a large social media presence on platforms like Twitter and YouTube. Their Youtube is regularly updated with new videos to this day and has over 7,000 subscribers. They also have over 50 reviews on TrustPilot, however some of these are pre-2019 and from when the site was educational only. The reviews onTrustPilot give the company 3.5 stars and only a 72% excellency rating as there are quite a few 1 star reviews.

What platform do they use?

T4T Capital trades with the industry standard platform MT4.

What markets can be traded?

T4T Capital offers a good range of trading instruments including Forex, Equities, Futures and Commodities. All of these include both majors and minors so there are plenty of markets to choose from.

Do They Trade Crypto?

T4TCapital is its own liquidity provider, and so in their help desk there is a detailed listing of all their pricing. They have an average of $8 round trip per lot for majors but these can vary per pair. They also state that liquidity and spreads can change due to market conditions

How much does the company charge as commission and spread?​

Currently, T4T Capital do not allow traders to trade Cryptocurrencies, however their website does state that Crypto is “coming soon”.

What are Their Withdrawal Options?

T4T Capital allows its traders to withdraw once per month. They Take withdrawal requests on the last day of each month and process them on the first business day of the next month. Their profit splits also affect the amount you get when you withdraw. The support article for withdrawals states your profits are withdrawn and split as follows:

Up to 10% profit at 60%

10%-20% profit at 70%

20%+ profit at 80%

This is explained in more detail and with examples on the website.

Do they provide education and training?

T4T Capital offers a good range of trading instruments including Forex, Equities, Futures and Commodities. All of these include both majors and minors so there are plenty of markets to choose from.

Do they have Support and Contact options?

T4T Capital have several options for the trader to contact them for support. Firstly there is a support bot on every page in which you can submit a query which acts similarly to tickets. They also have a support email and a telephone number you can contact. They also have a live chat feature open 24 hours on weekdays where if they do not respond immediately, you will receive an email response. There is also an extensive FAQ section to help answer your queries as well as a Help Desk with detailed articles.

What makes them unique?

The first thing to notice with T4T Capital is that it offers you an assessment phase with no minimum or maximum day trading limit. This is a huge bonus for traders as you can pass in as little time or as much time as you would like. They also have their own broker and act as their own liquidity provider which is different to most prop firms who would use a partnered broker.

Another thing that is very different with this prop firm is that you can actually purchase an account with their highest capital. You can buy a $1,000,000 account for $5,000 which is pretty much unseen with other prop firms. You would still need to pass an assessment however, so this isn’t the same as an instant funded account.

Overall T4T Capital is a good choice for traders to choose as their prop firm. They have some great rules for traders, fair and simple and plenty of account size options for all kinds of traders. There are plenty of support options too which is always a good sign for traders trying to gain access to a funded account.

If you would like to sign up or check out the T4T Capital website you can do so here.