FTUK Review

In this FTUK review we will provide you with all the information about this proprietary trading firm. FTUK was established to provide traders with a funded trading account after an evaluation or through direct funded accounts. They were incorporated in December 2021 in London and operate out of the UK and offer a one step evaluation for a funded trading account. This review will explain their process as well as any pros and cons in order for our readers to make an informed decision on purchasing an account. We also have a unique discount code offering 5% off your purchase, which you can find below.

FTUK Review


  • Maximum capital of £2,240,000 x3
  • Profit split up to 80%
  • Weekend and news trading allowed
  • Instant funding option
  • No minimum trading days


  • Some accounts limited to 1:10 leverage
  • 5% maximum drawdown
  • Maximum time limit for evaluations
  • No Crypto markets to trade

How does This prop Firm Work?

FTUK are a prop firm that offers traders the opportunity to trade for them and gain access to a funded trading account. Just like all the other prop firms we review, FTUK offer their own take on rules and regulations for traders to achieve targets and become funded for a one time, non recurrent fee. They offer several different account options and plenty of account sizes with each of their evaluation or direct funded accounts. They allow traders to trade with either a 10:1 or 30:1 leverage, depending on your account, and they offer a profit split of up to 80% at their highest level.

Their first account type is the evaluation account, with which they have both a low risk and an aggressive option, where the rules or targets differ slightly. With an evaluation account you would need to trade according to their rules and ensure you do not break the rules as this would result in an account breach. Their rules for the Low Risk account include a 5% absolute drawdown, 10:1 leverage and ten percent profit target. They have no minimum trading days and a maximum trading day allotment of 180 days for the evaluation. When you pass the challenge and move to a funded account there would be no maximum limit for trading days.

For the aggressive evaluation account option there are a couple of differences from the low risk account. Here your profit target is now 25% and only have a 90 day period to complete the evaluation. You do however have a much higher leverage of 30:1 while the absolute drawdown remains the same at 5%.

There are also their direct funded accounts which you can also purchase for a higher one time fee, all pricing is listed below. These accounts require no evaluation and have the same rules applied to these accounts as the evaluations and allow both a low risk and an aggressive account type.

How much Capital do they provide and what are their prices?

FTUK offers several account sizes and options for becoming a funded trader with this company up to a maximum capital of $2,880,000. They offer two types of evaluation accounts with various sizes and an Instant Funding option of redirect funds with no evaluation. Their accounts and pricing is as follows, listed in GBP as this is what the website offers:

Low Risk and Aggressive Evaluation Accounts:

£2,500 account for £119

£7,500 account for £299

£10,000 account for £349

£17,500 account for £449

Instant Funding (both low risk and aggressive) Accounts:

£2,500 account for £150

£7,500 account for £410

£10,000 account for £550

£17,500 account for £950

Are They legit?

FTUK are a relatively newer prop firm as they were established in December 2021. They were formally known as Forex Traders UK so some of their reviews on TrustPilot, and their social media stats are newer. They have a significant following on Instagram with over 12,6k followers and their TrustPilot has a very positive response. There are currently over 60 reviews and they have received a 93% excellency rating with 4.7 out of 5 stars. They have a YouTube channel with just over 230 subscribers but plenty of content, including 74 videos. All the information available on this company currently suggests they are legitimate and have some happy customers as seen in their reviews.

What platform do they use?

FTUK offers MT4 as their trading platform, which is the industry standard.

What markets can be traded?

FTUK offers forex, metals, indices and commodities as markets you can trade with their company. You can see a full list of the instruments on their website under the FAQ section.

Do They Trade Crypto?

FTUK states on their website that they offer ultra low spreads and no commissions nor swap on all of their trading accounts. They also offer login details to a demo account whereby you can look for yourselves, which is also offered on their website. They use their own liquidity provider through Itexsys

How much does the company charge as commission and spread?​

FTUK do not currently offer cryptocurrencies as an available trading instrument.

What are Their Withdrawal Options?

FTUK allow you to make withdrawal requests once you have hit a profit target of £150 or $250. They ask you to submit a withdrawal request via an invoice to their support email address. They accept withdrawals through Bank transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, Crypto and Transferwise.

Do they provide education and training?

FTUK offers forex, metals, indices and commodities as markets you can trade with their company. You can see a full list of the instruments on their website under the FAQ section.

Do they have Support and Contact options?

Firstly, FTUK has an FAQ section on their website which covers, quite extensively, all general questions and queries traders may have. They are detailed and well written so a lot of potential issues can be answered here. Secondly you can contact their support in several different formats in which they respond frequently. You can choose to contact them via live chat on their website which is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm GMT. You can contact them through their social media platforms as well as their telephone contact number. And lastly you are able to email their support team directly via the support email address which is available on the website.

What makes them unique?

FTUK are a prop firm like many others in the industry; a company that offers traders the ability to trade with no personal risk. While they have an industry standard set of rules to follow, the detailing of their rules are different as other prop firms’ would be. Some of their unique selling points however, do offer traders an exciting program that could be suitable for them.

One of the differences with FTUK is that they do not have a minimum days trading rule. This is a great advantage to anyone who wants to try an evaluation with this company as it massively reduces the pressure a trader may feel when it comes to passing this stage to become a funded trader.

Another unique difference with this company is that they have a maximum allotted amount a trader can scale their account by once they are funded. The smallest account size is scalable to a maximum of £640,000 while the largest account size can be scaled to their company maximum of £2,240,000. You can then manage up to three funded accounts giving you a maximum allotted capital potential of £6720,000.

Overall, we think FTUK are a good option to choose when it comes to selecting the right funded trading account for you. We have sourced a unique discount coupon for our readers if you would like to purchase an evaluation with them. The coupon is”Reviewtradingfirms” and gives customers 5 percent off the purchase price.

If you would like to buy a program or check out the website you can do so here.