FTMO Review

In this FTMO review we aim to explain who they are and everything they have to offer. FTMO is a funded trading proprietary firm based in Prague, Czech Republic. They offer all the industry standards when it comes to their profit targets, drawdowns, profit splits and account scaling. FTMO start with small account sizes at $10,000, ranging to $200,000, with scale up options once traders have passed their 2-step evaluation process. They are undoubtedly one of the bigger names in the industry and operate in over 180 countries, worldwide.

FTMO Review


  • High, 1:100 leverage
  • Up to $2,000,000 capital
  • Different risk account options
  • Large and vast range of available markets
  • Free trial offer


  • Timed challenges
  • Maximum capital allocation of $400,000 for live accounts

How does This prop Firm Work?

FTMO have a two step process to becoming a full time funded trader with their company. The first stage is the evaluation challenge, in which you are given 30 days to achieve a profit target of 10%. They have a 10 day minimum trading condition here, which is to ensure consistency. After you pass this step you move on to step two; the verification stage. Here you have a 60 day trading period and are only required to make 5% profit, also with a minimum of 10 days.

All this information is for their normal accounts, their second option is the aggressive evaluation. This is a higher risk account and so their conditions are slightly different. These include a 20% profit target at step one and 10% at the verification step. There is also an increase for the daily and maximum loss in the higher risk acccount, with the new targets being 10% daily and 20% maximum loss limits.

Once your results are verified by the FTMO team you will become a full time trader for their prop firm. You can now receive up to 90% of the profits you make on a split, and as you continue to profit over time, your account can scale up. They boast a maximum account size, after scaling, of up to $2,000,000.

How much Capital do they provide and what are their prices?

FTMO start their account sizes at $10,000 and have five different account sizes, up to $200,000. They also have two different account types which are Normal and Aggressive risk account types. From here, they offer a scaling plan designed to keep traders trading long term. If their account conditions are met, a scale up is offered. They allow for your account size to be upped by 25% every four months, for consistent traders. The pricing is as follows:

Normal Accounts

$10,000 account for €155

$25,000 account for €250

$50,000 account for €345

$100,000 account for €540

$200,000 account for €1,080

Aggressive Accounts

$10,000 account for €250

$25,000 account for €345

$50,000 account for €540

$100,000 account for €1,080

Are They legit?

There is so much publicly available information about this reputable firm, we have no doubts about FTMO being a legitimate company. They have been established since 2015 and operating for 7 years. They have a presence on all the major social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter with a large following on all. There are currently over 1,600 reviews from real, verified traders on Trustpilot with a 92% excellency rating.

What platform do they use?

With FTMO, you can trade on MT4 and MT5, which is the industry standard. They also offer CTrader as a trading platform.

What markets can be traded?

FTMO allows you to trade many different instruments. They include over 40 Forex pairs, 8 commodities, 14 Indices, over 20 stocks, 5 bonds and 10 different cryptos. This is a large and vast range of markets which is excellent for the trader.

Do They Trade Crypto?

From information publicly available from both traders and the FTMO site itself, the company appears to charge $3 per lot as commission for pairs. For its indices, stocks and other trading instruments their T&C’s state juist fractions of a penny. All of this information is available in their FAQ section.

How much does the company charge as commission and spread?​

FTMO does allow you to trade crypto, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and several others.

What are Their Withdrawal Options?

Once you have passed their 2-step evaluation and get a live funded account, FTMO offers bi-weekly withdrawals. They state on their website you can request payout on demand and will be processed after 14 days. They offer several withdrawal methods, including bank transfer, Skrill, Nuvei, Payu and unlimint, with their fees varying from free to 3%.

Do they provide education and training?

FTMO allows you to trade many different instruments. They include over 40 Forex pairs, 8 commodities, 14 Indices, over 20 stocks, 5 bonds and 10 different cryptos. This is a large and vast range of markets which is excellent for the trader.

Do they have Support and Contact options?

There are plenty of options for contacting FTMO and they have excellent support offerings. They have an in site contact section, a support email, 24/7 live chat, messenger as well as a contact number. This means they are easy and quick to get issues and queries solved as soon as possible, which is always a positive for any trader. As well as a FAQ page with in-depth answers, FTMO also offers communication in 15 different languages, allowing for support in German, Spanish, Fench, Russian, Hindi and several others.

What makes them unique?

FTMO are different from most other prop firms available right now for several reasons. They open up possibilities for traders of all capabilities and financial backgrounds. There are many different account size options, as well as the scale up opportunities. They also offer a refund on your one time fee once you pass their 2-step evaluation meaning if you are a profitable trader, it will not cost you anything.

They also, upon completion of the evaluation; change the profit target from 10% to just 5%. They also offer an excellent traders leverage of 1:100 which is one of the highest currently on offer in the industry. They also offer a free trial before you purchase an evaluation package, which is different to most other prop firms. This allows the trader to practice even more before paying their first evaluation package cost.

From their versatility in account offerings, their high profit split rates, great profit targets, fantastic leverage rates and their excellent support as well as the free trial option – FTMO are the biggest firm in this industry and have all the makings of being one of our top recommendations.

If you want to find out more about FTMO or sign up, you can do that here!