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The 5%ers Review

When it comes to Forex funding programs, you will be hard-pressed to find a more trader-friendly scenario to work with than what The5ers will offer you. The name comes from the idea of “working with the top 5%” of all traders, as they are the profitable ones. The firm is based out of Israel and has worked with thousands of traders around the world. In fact, it seems as if The 5%ers has led to several copycat firms around the world, as this model has been catching on for a while.
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Leeloo Trading Review

One of the newer entries into he ‘funded futures trader’ market is Leeloo Trading. This company is based out of Montana and was started by one of the state’s largest cattle ranchers, after years of hedging their expenses via the futures markets. Leeloo is gaining a larger following in the trading world as they have some of the most trader friendly setups in this space. Initially founded in 2019, Leeloo has already expanded its footprint to reach five continents.