Earn2Trade Review

Earn2Trade Review

If you spend any time whatsoever looking for funding as a futures trader, you will eventually come across Earn2Trade. The firm has been around for a handful of years and is a funnel for Helios, a proprietary fund that offers retail traders the ability to put money to work.

Earn2Trade has been known by the prop trading community for years, and you can find plenty of reviews online that justifies the idea of the company offering plenty of opportunities. That being said, the company is essentially running by the same standards that most of the other futures trading prop firms work to.

Is Earn2Trade legit?

Earn2Trade has a track record of paying out gains to traders around the world, and there are plenty of people who have done videos on YouTube and other media outlets that prove they get paid. They are also a major sponsor of firms and websites around the world, so their reputation is very much in the public sphere.

Earn2Trade funding withdrawal

Earn2Trade has no restrictions on withdrawing your profits after you get funded. There is no need to make a specific amount of profit, place a particular number of trades, or trade for a specific amount of time. Withdrawals are processed once a week on Tuesdays via bank wire transfer, ACH deposit, or PayPal. The minimum withdrawal is $100, and they do not charge withdrawal fees over $500. It should be noted that the withdrawal process features an 80% split in favor of the trader, with the company keeping 20% of the gains.

Earn2Trade trading rules

Earn2Trade offers a couple of different types of evaluation schemes, namely the “Gauntlet”, and the “Gauntlet Mini.” The Gauntlet was the original funding evaluation where traders sign up for a 60-day test of their abilities. They allow traders to hold overnight positions but require a minimum of 30 calendar days and once per week as far as trades are concerned. There is a 10% target that has to be reached by the end of the 60 days, and you cannot reach a 10% maximum drawdown. Candidates also have the option of choosing preset stop losses, daily losses, and of course weekly loss limits. They also have the ability to set their own additional rules for the 60 day evaluation period. Upon completion, the trader can get a refund or possible refund based upon how little drawdown they had during the process. The account that is offered at that point is $25,000 with an 80% split of profits in favor of the trader.

The Gauntlet Mini is more of a traditional approach to funding, as it only allows the trader to trade during normal business hours and has an end-of-day drawdown. You can choose your own account size ranging anywhere from $25,000 to the maximum of $150,000. It is the typical scheme of trying to gain 6% to pass, while not losing 3.5% during that same timeframe. Monthly subscription costs run from $150 level to $350.

Earn2Trade coupons

Earn2Trade seems to have some type of special every month, with one of the most common offerings being 40% off of evaluation fees. That being said, a simple search of the website will tell you the latest sale or scheme being run.

Earn2Trade trading platform

Earn2Trade offers the Rithmic Trader Pro platform, which is well used and trusted. You can use any Rithmic compatible platform above it, including such heavyweights as Sierra Charts, Ninjatrader 7, Ninjatrader 8, MotiveWave, Tradingview. This allows the trader to use whatever platform they want, assuming that it can handle the data feed. The company also offers Finamark, which is a web-based platform.

Earn2Trade trading commissions

During both the evaluation and the live account, the commissions are based upon the standard exchange fees that you see at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as well as brokerage fees added on top of that. Micro contracts in general cost between $0.74 and $1.00 per side. During the evaluation, the default commission is $2.02 per side.

Earn2Trade trading support

Earn2Trade has online support capabilities via email mainly. However, there is also a support ticket system that they allow traders to use as well. That being said, phone support does not seem to be offered with Earn2Trade, and certainly not after funding, although that may be different if Helios allows it.

What markets can I trade at Earn2Trade?

When it comes to trading at Earn2Trade, they offer the biggest contracts at the COMEX, NYMEX, CBOT, and CME. This allows traders to get involved in various types of commodities such as interest rate products, indices, energies, metals, and agricultural products.

If you are looking to trade currencies, there are a handful of the currency futures contracts available, with the majors being covered, plus the Mexican peso. If you are looking to trade exotic or cross-rate pairs, you will either have to do so synthetically, or it will not be possible.

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