Audacity Capital Review

Audacity Capital Review

Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital is a forex proprietary company based in the United Kingdom. The company is well known within the industry because the company has been able to fund several traders in and around the UK. The company is one of the many new props firms gaining momentum. The company began operations in the UK around 2012 and has since then covered over 120 countries and is still expanding. The company strictly forbids trading on behalf of another person but supplies traders with trading cash up to about $500, 000.

Currently, the company claims to have funded more than 5000 traders for full-time professional trading. 

The company won the international investors award for 2020.

Is Audacity capital legit?

The answer is simply yes. Audacity capital is a legit company offering trading services to traders around the world. Considering when they started, it is fair to say the company has made progress. Their performance has been good compared to other props firms that opened around the same time and even older reputable companies that have been around for some time. Key performance indices used by traders to rank prop firms are the scaling opportunities of which Audacity Capital performs excellently well. To cap it, it is one of the most recommended Forex Prop firms.

How to withdraw from Audacity capital

For Audacity Capital, the condition for withdrawal is a 10% profit target that must be achieved which then qualifies you for withdrawal. The profit split is 50/50. This is not big and is pretty low in the industry. Withdrawal does take up to 7 days depending on the withdrawal method chosen

 What platform can I trade with Audacity Capital?

The only platform you can trade with Audacity Capital, for now, is MT4 (Metal Trader 4) of course it is the most popular and widely used. So it is not a surprise.

Do people get funds from Audacity Capital for real?

We believe so, yes. Audacity capital like we described earlier is a legit company and has thousands of fully funded traders on its toll. The company has an evaluation account that gives money to traders that perform exceptionally well after they might have succeeded with the Audacity challenge following the rules of engagement. The problem for most traders is passing the challenge, but once the challenge is passed, funds would be released automatically. The interesting and attractive thing about Audacity Capital is that Audacity capital would not stop you just because you had a bad month of trading like some other props firm that may decide to terminate your account.

Why is Audacity Capital Unique?

Audacity capital just like every other prop firm has its uniqueness in one or 2 ways. For Audacity capital, it offers a unique feature of working in a building. Of course, it is not mandatory. The company has its trading house in London. The company permits traders to gather at the trading house to trade if they wish to do that. No other firm borders this unique ability.

What markets can I trade on Audacity Capital?

Audacity capital is one of the few unique companies that only trade Forex (All types of pairs) Stocks, indices, commodities are therefore not allowed.

Can I trade crypto?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Audacity capital only focuses on Forex and does not provide a platform to trade cryptos and stocks

How do I withdraw profit?

Withdrawing profit on Audacity Capital is just like every other prop firm. The rules are very similar. The profit split is remarkably high which is at 50/50. Audacity Capital requires that you meet their required profit target which is most times at 10%. This is for the Evaluation account

How much can I get?

Audacity capital is a big Forex props firm that can give funding to traders up to 500 000 US dollars Starting from 15 000 US Dollars.

Do they offer Forex Education and training?

Absolutely. They offer forex education and training under their Audacity Capital academy. The academy aims to train traders to be profitable.

How does it work?

Getting started with Audacity Capital is slightly different from other competitors in the Forex industry. Usually, in the industry evaluation funding for traders usually lasts for a couple of months. It involves testing trading skills before getting access to the funded account. But Audacity Capital offers something different. You can get your fully funded account following 3 steps.

1) Application is usually required. The trader would be asked to fill experience name trading strategy etc. 

2) The second step involves a one on one interview. For people in London, the interview is held at their trading floor while those far away would go through an online interview. The interview would ascertain your qualification as put in place during the application.

3) Getting the fully funded account takes less than 24 hours after passing the interview. That means Audacity Capital ascertains that you are a good trader.

Once you start trading, you would have to follow their rules of 10% drawdown and 10% profit target to stay in the game. The profit is shared 50/50



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