Alphachain review

Alphachain is a proprietary forex firm. According to the information available on its website, its mission is to help traders profit from the financial markets using proven strategies and leveraging the irrevocable power of technology. It is a forex prop firm claiming to use tools like machine learning (ML) statistical models to get results. Alpha chain offers trading strategies that help traders profit on over 100 commodities in the financial market to over 150 remote traders based in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Is Alphachain capital Legit?

Absolutely yes, Alphachain is a legitimate proprietary forex company.  Although reviews of this company aren’t widely available as they are a new prop firm. Nevertheless, they claim to have several traders who have been successfully funded by the company. But there is little social proof to back up these claims. The Company has an average Trustpilot rating of 4.8 which is very high. This shows a majority of traders seem satisfied with the company. 

What Markets can I trade on Alphachain capital?

Alphachain capital offers a wide variety of assets that can be traded. This includes Forex, especially major pairs, exotic pairs, and the likes. Commodities like Cocoa, Oil, Stock indices, and forex synthetic indices

Can I trade Crypto on Alphachain capital??

Alphachain is also a platform for crypto trading and crypto education but this program is very expensive and currently sells for £2,250. For this you get a $10,000 funded account with a 5% drawdown, so if you lose $500 this account will be closed and Alphachain will have made around $1,800 profit.  If you do manage to make a profit, Alphachain will only give you 50% of the profit. The company offers a 1-month well-drafted crypto trading curriculum. The curriculum aims to provide and equip traders with relevant and thorough knowledge of cryptocurrency. The program ends with a challenge that rewards traders with $10, 000 to kick start their trading career. Crypto assets commonly traded on the platform include BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, BCH/USD, and LTC/USD

Platforms to trade Alphachain

At the moment, Alphachain is only accessible on the mt4 platform. It isn’t a surprise because MT4 is the most used platform for trading.

Does Alphachain charge commission?

Yes, Alphachain charges institutionalized spread and commission on all their traded assets..

How to withdraw from Alphachain capital

Alphachain capital provides fully funded accounts to traders who pass various challenges. So before you can start talking about withdrawal, you should win the challenge first, and then you can proceed to withdrawal. Withdrawals usually take up to about 7 working days. The profit split of the company is 50%. Once you hit the target on trading, you should request a withdrawal. This involves invoicing Alphachain. The withdrawal can then be processed for about 7 days

 What do I need to know about their Forex education?

Education and teaching in forex and other financial markets may appear fraudulent as the case has proven it. What many learn in forex and financial market teaching is a poorly drafted curriculum that was not optimized for the students to succeed. Just some theoretical stuff that doesn’t help. But Alphachain forex education isn’t like one of those. The educational curriculum offered by Alphachain is of a good standard. T

How can I contact Alphachain capital?

Alphachain capital maintains a high online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also live chat on their website.

Is getting funding from Alphachain real and realistic??

Due to previous experience of some traders with prop firms which sometimes result in failed promises, it is understandable that you might be skeptical about Alphachain capital. But in reality, Alphachain isn’t like some of these props firms out there setting unreasonable conditions like say 80% profit on demo challenge. This might be difficult to meet up. Alphachain has some set of conditions that are not too strict but reasonable and can be met.

How does it work?

For starters and newbies, Alphachain offers two types of accounts: Instant account and Evaluation account.

Instant account from what the name suggests will not require you to pass through any challenge once you are eligible, you will be funded. 

While an evaluation account has the name suggested, places the trader on evaluation for some months. Once the trader meets the requirements funds would be released. The challenge usually involves about 6% targeted profit at a max drawdown of about 5% using a 5% max risk. This condition isn’t too hard and is somewhat similar to what we have in a standard props firm. This account type is much more difficult but then there is no risk involved. 

They also offer self funded accounts.Traders can decide to fund their account and not ask for any capital. It is left to the trader to decide. 

In summary:

Alphachain allow traders to trade with a leverage of up to 100:1

They offer funding starting at 20, 000 US dollars up to 1, 000 000 US dollars depending on how profitable you are.

The price point for funded accounts is quite high and there are currently better options in the market.

The Alphachain funded crypto trading offer is poor value and will mostly result in good profits for the company and an expensive cost for the trader.



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